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Lead The Horse To Water (part 1)
October 29th, 2009 4:22 PM

A call-to-action is a marketing term used to describe a specific action that a site visitor is asked to take. These can take the form of a coupon, a "click here to read more" link, a simple "e-mail me for a quote" at the top of the page, to a host of others, both direct and subtle.

It's a specific action, usually in exchenge for something of value. "Click here" takes them to a page with more detailed info on a subject,

Basically, you need to make the decision for them.

A common mistake that appraisers make on their websites is to put several contact options somewhere on some page and hope that the potential client will choose something.  It's great that you can be contacted by a home phone, an office phone, a cell phone, a fax line, 2 e-mail address, Instant Message, Twitter and Facebook. For a call-to-action, however, the goal is to simplify and guide the actions of a site visitor, and funnel them from whatever they're doing into some sort of contact with you.

Within three seconds of visiting your homepage, any site visitor should be able to tell exactly what their next step will be. Check out every good ad or major website - there are tons things to do. For a couple of examples, visit, my training site. I have examples of coupons, lead capture forms, and "text me" buttons on the homepage.

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