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March 23rd, 2010 12:45 PM

When you want someone to engage with you on a website, they're going to have to read and understand the text on the page, especially if it's a description.

Anything you do to your text or font that hinders readability of your website is yet another hurdle a site visitor must navigate in order to get to the call-to-action (call, e-mail, order, etc.) Your goal should be to remove as many of these barriers as you can.

Each day this week I'll post something to NOT do with the text or font on your website.

Here's today's phrase to remember: sans-serif. Certain font styles are know as serif, and their letters are more ornate than those of sans-serif (sans being Latin for "without"). While serif fonts may look prettier in some cases, when readability is a main concern (like for articles, books, websites, etc.), publishers will almost always choose a sans-serif font. So should you. Sans-serif text is more easily read, is read faster, and - not surprisingly - more likely to be understood by the reader. 

When it comes to your fonts, don't go for "pretty" at the expense of functional. Arial, Verdana, and Tahoma are good choices. Avoid Times New Roman.

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