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Call The Doctor!
November 4th, 2009 12:37 PM

In a post from last week, I recommended that you talk to your clients about themselves, rather than talking at them about you and how great you are.

So...what's the best way to talk to your clients?

Talk about their problems. Really.

When someone visits your website, especially if they have just come from a search engine, they have some sort of need. They may need an FHA appraisal, a divorce appraisal, a tax challenge or PMI removal appraisal, or they may need an appraisal very quickly. Let's look at the latter as our example.

A site visitor (likely lender) needs an appraisal by tomorrow - and they've made it to your site. Marketing people use the term "pain point" to describe this.

Basically, you want them to:

  • Recognize that you understand their problem or fear. Do this by stating their problem clearly. This could be in the form of a question. (this is the pain point)
  • Recognize that you're the one who's going to solve their problem (you're the "doctor" to cure their pain), and
  • Recognize what their very next step(s) need to be.

Here's an example. 

Need an appraisal by tomorrow? Take advantage of our 24-hour, next day turnaround service - only $380 for a complete appraisal. Read More

Most of the time when appraisers offer 24-hour service, they talk about it in terms of themselves: "We offer a next-day service."

At first it may seem like semantics, but from a psychological standpoint you want more "oomph" to your message - and talking about your clients and their needs is really the best and quickest way to increase the chance the'll call.

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